Cover design by Travis Williams

Coming soon as a serial.

“Don’t ‘supposed-to-be’ me! I’m here. I was alone in that hut. Everybody’s gone.” A thought struck Hagovi. “Is Darstle the Professor? Is he supposed to be my…” What? she wondered. Prison guard?
She grasped Dinpfeg by the collar and hauled him up to eye level. “Tell me everything. Everything. …

Though she had slept, her body felt as though all the time in the desert was heaped on the blanket.

Cover by Travis Williams

Hagovi lay in the light coming from the cracks around the curtain in the skylight. She pulled Mother’s blanket up to her chin and stared at Testoneel’s empty bed.

Though she had slept, her body felt as though all the time in the desert was heaped on the blanket.

Letters from a TCK dog

Inch by Inch

Image by cortez13 on pixabay

Dear Sasha,

You are right! I have moved very far away from you. I have no idea where I am.

When the father of my family came to fetch me from the noisy, smelly, frigid place that was at least not dark, I was very hungry and thirsty. I needed…

“I’ve been working on the railroad.” Dinah done hate that song and I’ve worked all manner of jobs to keep her happy.

But somehow I always landed back behind the coal-fire shoveling and shining #482, stocking and stoking #473, or cursing the living fire out of #486.

Dinah hated how…

Letters from a TCK dog

Waking up

Photo by Ron Fung on Unsplash

Dear Sasha,

I’m writing to you for advice. I know it’s been a long time and you’ve probably given up on me for dead. That’s what one does with a mere dog one doesn’t see for a while.

They tricked me into the crate. Being a young dog, I don’t…

“How do you know he’s out here?”

Cover by Travis Williams

“How do you know he’s out here?” Hagovi demanded of the Professor in the front entrance. The door had just closed on her family.

“She went with them,” he replied to her thought. “Testoneel. It’s written on your face. When will you remember, I’m good at surmising?”

She screamed…

“Don’t do it. I won’t go back. Don’t tell them anything.”

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Now I can enter the serial challenge. I wrote Old Nick’s Garley within September’s theme(s). There’s even a hint of a campfire in this chapter to fit in with October’s theme, though ordinarily, I don’t want to mingle months. I just wanted y’all to have the last chapter.

The full…

“Why will the Grand Master believe you now?”

Cover by Travis Williams

Hagovi marveled at an artifact in her hand. Through the clear orb she could see the fibres of her glove slightly magnified and distorted. …

Counter cultural uprising.

Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash

Dark and Traumatizing. Sweet, innocent little me never imagined those words would be applied to my writing. Honestly, nothing in my stories shocks or triggers me.

I am constantly surprised and awed that anything worth reading comes out the end of my fingertips/pen. The joy of writing is how the…

“Father experimented on me?”

Cover by Travis Williams

Listen to the Soundcloud audio narration by N. MacCameron

The Professor held the door open. “Come in and see.”

Hagovi stalled in the entrance of the kitchen. She shook her head and hunched her shoulders. “Please.” She opened her palms to him. “Please, I need to know. …

Nicola MacCameron

Are you creative? Everything I touch turns to art. Visual art, written, aural, tactile, you name it, I love it! Author of Leoshine, Princess Oracle.

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