Letters from a TCK dog

Rieley’s First Day

Waking up

Nicola MacCameron
2 min readOct 12, 2021


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Dear Sasha,

I’m writing to you for advice. I know it’s been a long time and you’ve probably given up on me for dead. That’s what one does with a mere dog one doesn’t see for a while.

They tricked me into the crate. Being a young dog, I don’t have much experience with moving cages. They gave me a chunk of cheese — you know how delicious cheese is — which I gobbled before I tasted bitterness in the afterglow.

After that I went to sleep. I woke up in the dark, smelly, noisy place that was very cold. I was thirsty. There was a bowl of frozen water in the crate with me. Licking it soothed my tongue and I panted so much I melted the ice and emptied the bowl. I barked a lot and other dogs answered me but they had no idea what was going on.

The whole place shook even more and there was a huge crash. The crate jumped and landed really hard. I cried and the other dogs cried too. Then it was really quiet compared to the din of before.

Bumps and bangs sounded all around us. A hole opened and light burst into our space. Cold air too, it didn’t warm up when they took my crate outside. I caught a glimpse of a metal thing with weird bits sticking out of it at all angles.

Please can you tell me what that was? I hope this letter gets to you. I miss you.

love, Reiley

Dear Reiley,

I cannot tell you the relief you message gave me. I have missed you at the park. You’re right, we do have to move on after our friends disappear. We dogs don’t get explanations. The best we can do is figure that when a person we know shows up with a dog we don’t know, that means our friend is not coming back. I don’t have a good idea why.

From what you describe, I think you went in one of those things that roar in the sky. They leave white lines in the blue. My owner collects miniatures of them and talks about going in them. I’m really glad you slept for some of the journey. It doesn’t sound comfortable.

Please send me another message. Tell me where you find yourself and what it is like there. I think you traveled very far away.

love, Sasha

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